Anat was raised in Northern California, graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in political science, and graduated from UCLA Law School in 1986. She has been a successful lawyer for 30 years, and moved with her husband from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 2010. In her career, she has represented multi-million dollar conglomerates, thousands of small businesses, hundreds of thousands of consumers, and has also donated a great deal of her time pro bono, representing abused kids in court and helping people and organizations who can’t afford a lawyer. She also served as a pro-tem judge, an arbitrator and a mediator, and has taught numerous classes to other lawyers and the public.

Anat is married to her husband, Steve, and is a mom of four now-grown children. She is passionate about making sure that every person has the opportunities she had to realize the American Dream. Anat’s family immigrated to the United States when she was 4 years old. They did not know the language and did not have financial means. Through education, hard work and an embrace of the American spirit, they made it to the great middle class. She believes that opportunity, freedom and compassion make this country great. She supports job growth, living wages, reproductive rights, criminal and court reforms, our veterans and military, excellence in our public schools, cost-effective health care and child care, public safety, environmental protection and the elimination of our dependence on fossil fuels from countries that do not share our human values. Anat cares deeply about our community and our country and is giving back to make sure that America’s bright promise never dims.